Technical Solutions

From Pixel Perfect to Software Perfected

Driven by the desire to get “pixel-perfect” results, we plunged into software development nearly twenty years ago. Through the years we continued to learn, to broaden our technical skill set, best practices and most importantly to hire and cultivate talent. In the process of we pursued a relentless path to improve our methods, procedures, and approach to building, testing and deploying software.  We strive to provide vendor-agnostic solutions that may be supported by anyone.  We want our customers to be confident that their solution is both working and sustainable.

Take the Tour

Our development operations offer the same state of the art solutions with visibility into progress and process that large corporations afford. Our project management practices include full transparency of process, frequent communication, and on-demand reports. For a tour of our operations or a portfolio of work including GitHub for code samples, contact Jack at 512-522.5610.